Manifesto (en)

Acinephilia is not a project, nor a practice, but an act of thought. A sentient thought, which can be pushed to the boundaries of philosophical bipolarism. Amid the most frantic and tired dualisms, such as the Input/Output opposition, we undertake a frightening and effective research, a disastrous quest, bound to fail, endless, blind, but nevertheless great.

When we discuss movies and philosophy, we refer to the staging, the organic conceptualization. However, mimetically reproducing the mechanisms of power imposed by the dominant social order is the least of our interests. The Academy, the dusty intellectualism and universities fails to depart from this same neo-imperialist attitude that stifles ideas, arranging them on the shelves of monopolistic and hierarchical reasoning. The sale of knowledge, alongside the long-winded proliferation of muted images, despite the relative balance that can be achieved through assessment and criticism, is just a questionable and illusory alternative. Its consequence is the return of a mouldy form of censorship, of monetary authoritarianism and inconclusive extremism. This pharmaceutical excretion is sold for its weight in gold, but it is not artist’s shit rather, performer‘s shit.

Against the dull confusion of an inorganic but well-organized magma, the most consistent references bind together the “anti-conceptualist” operations of acinéma and the formless. These are no points of arrival, but the springboard from which to weave a parasitic visual-virtual web that does not set targets, but urges a necessary reversal, starting from the bottom of sensations, from the echoes of those hammer blows, muddied by the stingy shapes of the West.

Today, we are witnessing the despotic return of the Ego and the Identity; these reactionary barriers, being unable to relate to the unity of the foundation, have fragmented into subatomic militarism. The more divergent and differential it is proclaimed to be, the more its stagnant conformity is revealed.

Our weapons are sentient images that we can manipulate with our brain. Against the sleep of reason, we nurture a monstrous desire for a series of unique events to bring to light the violent and eternal revelation of absurdity, and instant balance.

We want the violence of instant balance because we want the awakening of feeling and of thought. Only the power of gesture in action is capable of generating a post-organic and untimely community. We want the eternity of an absurd revelation because the recurrence of myths, fairy tales, illusions and stories, becomes creative again in the sharing of a plural space beyond the visible and the individuation.

Insubordinate art is very rare, therefore it is necessary.

No chief, no foundation, no Capital. Against the fundamentalism of all spectral purity, beyond the time of man, from an age of uniformity, of solitude, of doublethink towards a future that ceases to flee and which remains, certainly, incomplete – to be completed.

An aesthetic, sympathetic and intimate experience, it is this unpresentable auctoritas which we want to draw on.